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Random political thoughts

09/25/13 - 07/06/18   Updated

(1) For expressing ideas, my Huguenot and Quaker ancestors were tortured in European dungeons. In the late 17th and early 18th centuries, they fled the dungeons for the New World - on fire - with the cause of freedom and equality. They helped found Penn's Colony, waged a centuries-long, political struggle against human enslavement, and - during the Revolution, a few were convicted of sedition against the Crown. (By numerous sources, it was reported that they sneered at the hangmen - as they were hanged.) Looking back objectively at their deeds and writings - after the dungeons and the tortures, my ancestors were bat-shit crazy - but in a noble way. Torture is a nastily efficient means of radicalizing its victims. But for the persecution of European heretics, dissidents, dreamers and utopians, there'd be no America - no reason for those who invented it to have quit Europe. My ancestors were dungeon-people, activists and seditionists. They referred to themselves as such - and they were always proud of these facts.

I'm a genetic (and a philosophical) descendant of the dungeon-people, the activists and the seditionists - who sacrificed themselves to mid-wife America into being, and I'm immensely proud of them - too.

(2) You switch on the TV set, listen to a pellet-head behind an anchor-desk blather gibberish - but you do not shut the TV off. Not only do you listen, you seize-on every word, receiving and adopting the blather - as though it were the deliverance of an oracle. The anchor desk is a potent symbol - much like the throne once was. 34 centuries ago, a 9 year old boy sat on a throne, barked-out orders, and his orders were obeyed. His name was King Tut (nbkhprwr3) - possibly pronounced in Ancient Egypt as nap-khafur-YOU-reeah. Tut was, also, widely rumored to have been the son of the Sun. Today - if a nine year old kid squatted on a piece of cheap scenery and belted-out orders, he would be punished or chuckled at. Perhaps, it's time to conceive of and approach the anchor-desk squatters - identically - as misbehaved children.

Bill O'Reilly (who was not in a combat situation during the Falklands war): "Having survived a combat situation in Argentina during the Falklands war, I know that life-and-death decisions are made in a flash."

Brian Williams (The news anchor who was not in a helicopter forced down in Iraq): "The story actually started with a terrible moment a dozen years back during the invasion of Iraq when the helicopter we were traveling in was forced down after being hit by an RPG."

(The preceding message was brought to you by The Partnership for a Mass-Media Free America.)

(3) Recently, a friend of mine was the victim of an attempted frame-up by local, Pennsylvania cops. (These days - in PA municipalities, police frame-ups are as common as trees in a forest or water in an ocean.) My friend quipped (Jay Smith-like): "I wish someone would drop a nuclear bomb on Pennsylvania!". I retorted: "If a nuclear bomb were dropped on Pennsylvania, would Pennsylvania be contaminated by radio-activity or would poor, helpless, defenseless radio-activity be contaminated by being in contact with lawless Pennsylvania? That's a real conundrum!".

(4) Nursery rhymes and US foreign policy -

Hey diddle diddle,
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon.
The little dog laughed,
To see such sport,
And the dish ran away with the spoon.

Is it coherent to ask this question: "Did a cow really jump over the moon?". Nursery rhymes stand in no need of verification; that is, what's referred to in them need not correlate to events, occurring in the world for them to provide entertainment. Likewise, did it make sense to inquire in 2003: "Does Iraq really possess weapons of mass destruction?". The tales of American politicians and their media-stooges stand in no need of verification; that is, their tales - too - frequently give rise to lurid "entertainment".

(5) By way of a stark, historical contrast, American activists of the 17th and 18th centuries held as their objectives: the abolition of slavery (1688), the freedom of the press, the right of religious conscience, the independence from British occupation and the recognition of labor rights (1775). Today, American destructivists advocate and engineer: aggressive warfare, the suspension of habeas corpus, torture, extra-legal drone assassination, mass warrantless surveillance and the mass incarceration of the US population.

Human progress drove the activist movements of the 17th and 18th centuries, and human regression (or worse) drives these 21st century destructivists.

(6) From: https://www.globalresearch.ca -

"State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert released a statement today warning the Syrian government to cease and desist from its final military push against ISIS and al-Qaeda groups in southwest Syria."

N.B. The US illegally invaded and now occupies chunks of Syria, yet it prohibits - ex cathedra - the Syrian government from liberating SouthWest Syria from the clutches of the ISIS and al-Qaeda lunatics. Why? How? By what para-normal source does the US derive such an authority to invade, occupy and reel-off diktats to a sovereign nation?

As is well-known: The US government exercises a total jurisdiction over all of that which exists (the present) and over all of that which may exist (the future). A precious few of us conjecture that the US government wields too much power. However, one segment of time - that the US government has been restricted from controlling (though not due to statutory law) - is over anything which existed (the past). Regarding this curious yet intelligent design-feature of time, we should all thank God for His foresight!

(7) A list of famous American blunders over the past 50 years -

Vietnam war
drug war
in rem forfeiture
1974 peak wages in real dollars (and the subsequent economic decline from thereon)
tech-stock bubble and burst
Iraq war
Afghanistan war
housing-bubble and burst
Libyan bombing campaign (eliminated Libya as a nation state)
Syrian war (Assad must go)
pervasive cop brutality
1.2k per year cop-induced civilian-kill-rate
forced cavity searches
mass incarceration (800 prisoners per 100k non-prisoners)
mass warrantless surveillance
extra-legal detention
extra-legal drone assassination
21 trillion dollar national debt

The US government does not plan for failure; queerly, it plans for success - despite enacting balmy and inherently flawed policies, which culminated in the above. At an arbitrary juncture - say - when the US incarceration rate reached 300 inmates per 100k of the non-inmate population, the drug-war could have been scrapped (or quietly scaled-back). In American politics, the blunderers, i.e. politicians devise no blunder-rules to minimize the magnitude of their risible (and destructive) tragedies, and the more catastrophic the blunder the more feverishly the blunder is prosecuted.

Random recipe puller


Here's a new app and a new site. Click the following link to view recipes from a collection - in random order. The recipes were originally posted to the "Food and Drinks" group on the now defunct Galaxy2 website. [ RecipeRoulette ]

Darwinian seizures


Darwin's experiment, medical pot, epilepsy, the US's banning a class of experimentation, Galileo's ordeal and American experiment-a-phobia are presented then promptly ripped-apart. Read the entire piece: seizures.html.

Milgram's progress


Milgram's experiment, the comply and complain later US policing policy, the logical consequences of a universal negative - and proposals for novel experiments, designed to test the limits of obedience to authority, are hashed-out in the following piece. Read the full essay: milgram.html.



A religious (ancient thinking-style) belief is compared to a super-religious (modern thinking-style) belief. As it turns out, our super-religious beliefs are less intellectually coherent - than the ol' time religious beliefs. Read the full essay: experiment.html.

Torpedoing the American mind


Real and counter-real ideas are identified and contrasted. Thinking-styles, conceptual equality and the detrimental effects of counter-real ideas on US politics are examined. Read the essay: torpedo.html.

Dalit American-style


The ancient caste-system of East India and the modern caste-system of the USA are cross-culturally compared and contrasted in the following link. Read the essay: dalit.html.

Mr. Rogers' Nazi-hood


Mr. Rogers, The Neighborhood of Make-Believe, observations of reality, fake news, alternate facts and related cultural befuddlements are further confounded and befuddled in the following link. Read more: rogers.html.

Probing the human crypto-orifice


The current, American practice of forced cavity searches (as performed by US police) is scaldingly critiqued in the following link. Read the full essay: probe.html.

Outta body. Outta mind.


In the link is a brief, biographical sketch of John C. Lilly - the scientist, the mystic and the original psychonaut. Read more: lilly.html.

The Boston Masturbation


The Boston Massacre, the Murder Act, the American Revolution, my 4th Great-Uncle - who was viciously assassinated by a British cop outside of Lancaster, PA in 1778 - and the US's present use of force policy are fondly remembered, examined and (where necessary) condemned in the following piece. Read it: masturbation.html.

Louis the XIVs "R" Us™


The comply or die policies of the Inquisition, Peru under the Conquistadors, post-Counter Reformation France and the USA are criticized, compared and contrasted in the following piece. Read the essay: inquisition.html.

Russell in a vat


In the link, Hilary Putnam, the brain-in-a-vat scenario, Descartes' evil demon, Lord Russell's hypothesis and Wittgenstein's neat and BRUTAL dissections of the intolerably complex. The ol' gang's onboard, discussin' metaphysical possibility, the non-existence of an external world, the reliability of human memory and the arrangement of "otiose" hypotheses. Read the essay: biv.html.

Cogito Ergo Fucked


In the link, Descartes' famous cogito is subject to a brutal, logical analysis. The cogito turns out to be nothing but a tautology - an empty expression. Read the essay: cogito.html.

The Worst Arguments


The late Aussie realist - David Stove, Kant, anti-realism, Sexual Selection, physical constants and self-referential fallacies are canvassed - in the following piece. Read the essay: stove.html.

A Family of Dysfunction


In the link, there's an essay uncovering and examining a series of self-referentially inconsistent beliefs/theories - which go un-noticed by those who adhere to them. Read the essay: fallacy.html.



Politics, possible worlds, counter-realism, lethal pot and non-lethal, nuclear fission bombs are explored in the following essay. Read more: cramp.html.

Moorean Rain


In the link is a rather novel analysis of (though not a solution for) - a real brain-twister, referred to as Moore's paradox. Read the essay: moore.html.

Huguenots and us


In the following link is a comparison between 2, distinct populations (French Protestants and present-day Americans), regarding how each dealt with (or failed to deal with) the legal inequality and summary killings inflicted on them by state actors. Read more: huguenot.html.

The Third Enlightenment


Speculations on how America might revive itself - with analogies to similar trends, declines and reversals experienced over the ~2,500 year history of Western Civilization - are fleshed-out in the following piece. Read the essay: enlighten.html.

Chariots of the Congolese


In the following link are a series of cross-cultural thought-experiments, designed to clarify whether (or not) the practices of US government employees (cops, prosecutors and judges) are ethically sound. Read the essay: congo.html.

nginx & fcgi


In this guide, we'll configure nginx for CGI/FCGI support - with a hack I partially cribbed from executing FCGIs on OpenBSD's httpd via a UNIX socket. Read more: nginx_fcgi.html.

Pennsylvania - a dictionary


Warning: the following link contains satire in dictionary format. The toxic, political schemes - polluting the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - are properly defined: penn.html.

Torture pie


For a few years, opinion polls have shown a decisive shift in American attitudes towards endorsing torture as a legitimate endeavor. In the link is a short essay, criticizing the world-wide revival of this wretched practice: torture.html.

Holder's due process


In the following link is a terse essay, logically dissecting the illicit redefinition of due process rights - by the former, Attorney General of the USA, Eric Holder. Read the essay: holder.html.

OpenBSD's httpd


Installed by default on OpenBSD 5.6-8, OpenBSD's own webserver incorporates excellent CGI, FCGI and vhost support, and it's packed with security features - including a non-overridable chroot policy and privilege separation. In the link is a brief excursion into securely hosting onion domains with httpd. Read the full essay: httpd.html.

Apache & mod_fcgid


Unlike CGIs, which spawn a new process on every hit, FastCGIs run persistently and can handle concurrent requests. In this guide, we'll compile and install the fcgid module, alter Apache's httpd.conf for FCGI support and provide a quick demonstration of converting CGIs to FCGIs. For performance sake - on the darknet, converting CGIs to FCGIs is highly recommended. Read more: apache_fcgid.html.

Apache & virtual hosts


By request, here's a tutorial, describing how to initialize new onion domains. To run more than one onion website under the same instance of Apache, the configuration files for it and Tor can be tweaked to set up new, virtual domains with mod_vhost_alias. Read this entry: apache_vhosts.html.

UNIX crash course


In the link - below, there's a relatively painless romp through the sometimes painful terrain of UNIX commands. My intent is to describe a simple (though comprehensive) presentation of basic, UNIX commands - which are generic enough to execute on most modern, UNIX operating systems. Read more: crash.html.

Tool time for admins


In the link is a 3-for-1 tutorial written for the admins of onion sites. To a precise degree of accuracy, NTPd, a time :daemon, will sync the local clock with a pool of remote, regional time servers. netcat, the swiss-army network-knife, will be hauled into service as an anonymous port scanning device. And - with a simple netstat command, the number of virtually simultaneous connections to an onion site will be revealed. Read more: tools.html.

A tale of two tuners


In the following piece, I describe the hardware issues surrounding, the software configurations for and the operation of two, TV tuner cards (a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1800 and an Asus TV7133/4) under Linux. Read more: 2_tuners.html.

Darwin contra Fodor


This essay pressuposes that Jerry Fodor's hatchet-job on Darwin in Fodor Against Darwinism has been read and thoroughly digested. I apologize for the dreadful length of this piece, but someone needs to quote what Darwin actually wrote about selection - placing Fodor's false "dilemma" into context within the history of evolutionary biology and unmuddling the many misunderstandings that Fodor has concerning biology and genetics. Read more of my obliteration of Fodor's attempt to de-Darwinize evolutionary biology: fodor.html.

Analysis of an old Yes song


Released in 1970 - though not included on Yes's Time and a Word album, Dear Father was the B-side to the Sweet Dreams single. For some time, this song has puzzled, intrigued and haunted me. Its lyrics, at first glance, do not seem to pan out logically, or they (and the song itself) may lend to conflicting interpretations. Read the full essay: dear_father.html.

Cannabis and psychosis?


In December of 2007, I submitted the following piece to the Lancet. It's a brutally savaging rebuttal of its conclusion that long-term pot use causes psychosis. The essay is a far-ranging logical and philosophical assault on the criterial and methodological approach adopted in this line of "research". Although my critique was published elsewhere (and declared "impressive"), it was rejected by the Lancet - because an editor screamed that I lack the proper "medical credentials". Though it's a bit long and - at times - abstract, anyone interested in what is palmed-off by the media as "hard science", regarding the allegedly long-term, negative consequences associated with marijuana consumption, may want to check it out: cannabis_psychosis.html.

MitM attack

05/03/14 - 11/16/14

For a period of 3 weeks, a Man in The Middle Attack has pervaded the darknet. To date, over 400 onion domains are known to have been targeted. The attack consists of at least one person creating new onion addresses, cloning websites "on-the-fly" and re-writing the original sites' contents. The attacker can re-write any text on an original page to a "cloned" page - in real time. Read more about this attack and how to block and/or bypass it with webserver rules: mitm.html.

lighttpd & virtual hosts


To run more than one onion website under the same instance of lighttpd, the configuration files for lighttpd and Tor can be tweaked to set up a new, virtual domain with the "simple-vhost" directive. The following link contains the gory details: lighttpd_vhosts.html.



To me, lighttpd (pronounced "lighty") is the onion webserver of choice - due to its flexibility, blazing speed and excellent support for SSI, CGIs and virtual hosts. In the link is a guide for configuring Lighttpd to host an onion domain: lighttpd_onion.html.

i2p for UNIX


Sorry for the lack of updates, but I was blogging elsewhere in onionland and on i2p. Here's a link to my new (simple yet detailed) guide for installing and configuring the software - required to connect to the invisible internet project, i2p, under UNIX: i2p.html.

Absurdity: a modest critique


The US government's redefinition of torture and other absurdities are skewered in the following piece. Read the essay: absurd.html.

Plato vs. Obama


In the link, Plato's and Obama's views - as to the nature and universality of the law - are contrasted. Read the essay: plato.html.